Creative minds art

Enter The Creative Mind of Georgia Rose Lucas – Personalised custom portraits; graphic designs, and assorted crystal art. 

Her art subjects are mainly people who inspire her.

The UK Folk Rock scene has been a smorgasbord of choice for this artist.

Portraits of music legends include Bob Dylan, Sandy Denny, Richard Thompson and Robert Plant. 

Her ‘Masters of Folk’ project features past and present members of Folk Rock pioneers, Fairport Convention.

2 thoughts on “Creative minds art

  1. Ivan Sanders says:

    Whilst some people totally launch their career off the back of the fame achieved by others a mere glance at Georgia’s artwork will convince any viewer that she is SERIOUSLY talented in her own right.

    Gifted artists create via their souls, rather than their fingers, and such souls have usually experienced more pain and suffering that most people could handle over several incarnations . Georgia’s work oozes a spiritual maturity way beyond regular experience and is a credit to her.

    I am blessed to count amongst my friends several professional artists including Anna Trew (PsychicArtist), and Anna Kompaniets (name dropping) so am intimately conversant with real talent and have no hesitation in recognising Georgia’s like ability.

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