Georgia Sketching her Mother Sandy Denny

I come from an artistic family. The only professional artist was my aunt who produced beautiful artwork. My mother was Sandy Denny, best known for her singing and song-writing. My paternal grandfather was a professional painter and decorator. He took up landscape painting in his later years.

For me – drawing has been a part of my life since my first memories. Pencils & drawing pads have never been further than an arm’s length away. Much of my art has developed from my constant doodling. Very early on I fell in love with horses – our family would go riding on the weekends. It was a natural step to try to draw them. I would spend hours at a time, almost every day for years, working on teaching myself how to draw horses. This was my “home-made” art school and it’s from this that the rest of my art has evolved.

I have never put my artistic talents to any professional use until recently. At the end of 2015 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This brought about a dramatic and dynamic change in my lifestyle. I became more conscious of my diet. I base my diet on organic and vegan principles. I have supplemented my conventional medical treatment with holistic and complementary therapies. I am using them to strengthen my recovery.

It was then that I started listening to my mother’s albums and her recordings with Fairport Convention and Fotheringay.  Sandy died when I was less than a year old. Although her music had been available to me and in the home, I hadn’t listened to it or delved into hers and my past much at all. Throughout this time my passion for drawing and sketching was at a low ebb. It was only when my cancer returned and, after drastic treatment in 2018, I picked up my pencils and pads again. I found inspiration in my mother’s and Fairport’s music. This time I found a new area to develop – portraiture. Like my early efforts with horses, it was a process of drawing, drawing, drawing. I was improving over time to the point where people asked to buy my portraits.

So now I have arrived at the point where I consider myself a professional artist. This platform is where I present myself and my work to you all.